Online English Workshops for Professionals

Monthly workshops for adults that require a high English level, in order to improve their personal and academic future.



Why Learn With Us?



There are online workshops for every level and need!


Real life practise! We offer challenges that allow you to really put your English to the test!


Reserve your place online and learn English from the comfort of your home!


Immediate results with programmed objectives!


We understand that between work and family, our students have busy lives. This is why Canny Communicators have created affordable intensive workshops that don’t have to take up all of your free time


English Workshop

All year round

Join us every Saturday and improve your English! Your English trainer will prepare a topic each week. These topics are always relevant to what is currently happening in the world. (News headlines, moral discussions, etc.) All you have to do is: Join the chat and take part in our fun activities!


May to August


Business  Workshop

Develop English language skills that are useful in many business environments. The student will be given a variety of materials to personalise the classes. For each class a different topic will be used; and new functions, grammar and vocabulary will be learnt.


English Workshop

By the end of this workshop students will be able to: interact in a simple way; ask and answer questions in areas of immediate need and use simple phrases and sentences to describe very familiar topics.


English Workshop

 Participate actively in debates, present clear descriptions and converse normally with native speakers are all objectives for this workshop.


English Workshop

By the end of this workshop students will be able to: Understand news headlines that are shown on the television, participate in fluid conversation with native English speakers and present clear and detailed descriptions.


"The Grammar Packages helped me learn some really  important grammatical structures.. I’ve even learnt how to incorporate them into my speaking!’’

Ricardo from Spain

‘’It’s great, I can repeat the lessons as many times as I need!’’

Antje from Germany
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